Hiya folks. How are we all? I am very well thank you very much for asking. As you know every so often I have a divergence from the serious side of things and have an alternative post. Most of the time it’s photographic but this time I thought I’d have a musical interlude for a change.

I stumbled upon this young lady quite by accident while actually looking for another drumming video. I am not going to prattle on too much…..I will let this talent speak for itself.

In a world of today when it seems all young girls want to be the next xxxxxx or aspires to be the next reality star or fame is everything because it avoids actually living in the real world…..this girl is a breath of fresh air….


I hope you enjoyed and go on to listen / watch many more of her videos. Subscribe to her channel and even support her on Patreon. The world needs many many more like her.

That was all I really wanted to share. I suppose the message would be……dare to be different, break the mould, have your own mind, don’t be who or what the world wants you to be. And ROCK THE FUCK OUT!!!

’til next time….lots of love, take care


Steven x

#gsss #mentalhealthawareness #BWS #autism


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