Then There Was Cardenden


Hello everyone! How are we doing?

As promised here is a little update on life since my last post (prior to my actual last post haha).

I have made my way deeper into Fife lol, after moving back to live with my parents for a while, along came a girl called Kelly and whisked me back over the Forth again. It never ceases to astound and beffudle me how one minute you don’t know a person and then two letters later…Hi….you start on a brand new chapter of your story upon this earth. I could, as always, bang out all the old cliches….so I will! We are approaching 6 months together but feels like so much more. Simply because we work so well and respect each other and are in it for each other and not for ourselves. We don’t really have time for ourselves lol, we have 6 boys between us! Her 4 and my 2. Both of us have been accepted so warmly and lovingly by our respective families, Kelly and the boys adore my parents and step-parents. And I can’t thank Kelly’s friends and family for making me feel loved and part of their lives, it’s an honour and privilege.

I am, as of tomorrow, on school holidays. My NC in photography is at an end and I have the pleasure of telling you all that I have passed! 🙂 and…..met the conditions required to be invited on to do my HNC next year 🙂 To say I’m chuffed is a tad understating it, I’m mega thrilled. Not all of us get to study our passions in life and for the past 10 months I have been able to do just that. Asides from the hope of making a little money from it (have to be honest), bringing the world or even just a tiny bit of it at least is something very dear to me. My photography is a representation of me personally which is why you won’t see too many ‘postcard’ shots or anything that has been done to death by thousands of others. To me photography is a window to someones soul, their essence, their mind. When you show anyone your work you are bearing your self to them and letting them in to your world. Which is bloody scary, because you are willingly letting yourself be open to being hurt. All I ever want from anyone when they look at my photos (apart from the ones intended to be ‘snaps’) is for them to say…..”I haven’t seen that before” or “I haven’t seen that from there before” or simply “that’s a little different”. Because if you know me, you know that I like that D-word 🙂


A little of what I have been up to over the last few months.

I can’t wait to see what the HN throws up and what challenges I will face. All I know is that I am really looking forward to learning so much more about something I love so much. I hope you enjoy my view of the world through my camera viewfinder. I can’t mention photography and my passion for it without alluding to the effect it has on my mental health. No prizes for guessing that it helps massively. Having the freedom to jump in the car and explore and travel to wherever then having the time to relax and take in the place before capturing it forever is priceless. I’m lucky to have a few things where my mind can escape and be happy and content.

I have been continuing to see Hayden every other Sunday which has been awesome. As always there has been moments I have slipped and not contacted him for maybe up to a week, but I am trying (very trying some would say!) and even though I will have failures I am determined not to put him through the crap I have done in the past. I will not let myself. He is doing great 🙂 Goes into P7 after the holidays and growing up so fast, although he’s more intelligent than his age which is both a blessing and a curse haha.

Looking forward to Saturday. Kelly, Max and myself are going on a special train excursion to Blackpool and back, behind locomotive 37025 ‘Inverness TMD’ I’m sure there will be photos of that in the next post hehe.

So that’s about it really, I’ve probably missed a lot of course, but these things have been taking up the majority of my time since the turn of the year. So it’s time to switch off my head, enjoy my holidays, take photos without any pressure and bloody well enjoy life for a while like the rest of damn world!

Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other. Love, understand, empathise, be selfless, care and nurture.

Lots of love

Steven x

#gsss #mentalhealthawareness #mydearfriendincanada

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